Anchor House Ride 2018
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In honor of His graduation, please join Mark, Jeffrey, Rebecca, Carolyn Chris and his mother Dr. Patti in supporting the Six of us as Team HomeCare for Anchor House 2018. This grueling 500 mile 6 day ride home to Trenton from way out in Western Pennsylvania benefited Anchor House, which is a shelter for kids without homes and an outreach for kids at risk throughout Mercer County. Through the house itself and its partner, the Anchorage, kids that had no hope are now safe and thriving, and going on to get college educations and lead secure and productive lives. This program has amazing and very local impact; these kids are your neighbors. This year you helped us to raise more than $10,000 for these kids. Go to the Anchor House website and chose Team HomeCare and we will do our pedaling!
Click Here to Help Us Support Homeless Children In the Local NJ Area


500 Miles 6 Days 5 Bikes