Case of the Month
Meet Whisper! Whisper because she was so quiet - hiding there under the car. Our client could not just scare her off or drive over her because she was indeed very thin and ill with obvious trouble breathing. She gently reached under her car and enticed this kitty into a carrier and brought her to us. Dr. C gave supportive care of fluids and antibiotics, and then thought to run a fecal sample when the opportunity arose. We discovered Whisper had huge numbers of lungworms, which live within the lung tissue and were causing most of her respiratory difficulty. We began a worming regimen in addition to the supportive fluids and antibiotics and the rest is history. This lovely friendly feline has put on four pounds and breathes normally now, simply thriving. With the addition of some soil to her litter box she learned to use it without difficulty. She is indeed a gift that could have been so easily chased off or overlooked. Thank you for bringing her to us and sharing her with us!
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