Case of the Month
Lumi came to us in crisis and unable to catch her breath. We have her medicine to help drain fluid from her lungs and kept her in an oxygen cage to help her breathe until the ultrasonographer could arrive. Dr. Frank was able to drain extensive fluid from Lumi's pleural space using ultrasound guidance. She then assessed Lumi's heart and found it not to be functioning very well. We prescribed medications to strengthen the heart, drain fluid from the lungs, lower her blood pressure, and prevent clot formation, as well as found a different way to give her thyroid medication to take the pressure off her heart from that condition. She spent an additional day resting as we tested her ability to breathe without the oxygen and watched for more fluid buildup. When we were convinced she was stable she returned home and is enjoying every day, back to her old routines especially of lurking in the bushes in front of the house every morning. Welcome back Lumi!
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