Flea and Tick Information
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We are so pleased to offer a new oral tick/flea preventative for dogs, Bravecto. It is a palatable treat that will cause ticks and fleas to drop off the dog within four hours. Best of all, this product works for three months, so only four doses will protect the dog for the entire year. No worries about the topical rubbing off on the children or the cat, or rinsing off in the rain or in the pool, or wearing off before the next dose is applied. Also as an oral approach, there is not the discomfort of applying the topical to dog which many just dislike. It works through an enzyme unique to insects, and it comes to us from Merck. It is offered in individual dose packs, and soon will be offered in a two dose pack for a discount. Please come in for an informative brochure and a coupon. Bravecto can and does play a major role in Lyme prevention For kitties Bravecto is now available as a topical application that is simply placed between the shoulder blades every three months. It is the only flea preventative that can break the flea life cycle with one application. It is the only topical other than frontline that is also effective against ticks and is much more efficient in this regard. Kitties are resistant to Lyme disease but tick control is still important to protect the family in cats that go outside. We also carry Revolution when the goal is to cover ear mites or intestinal worm issues such as roundworms or hookworms. This product is applied monthly; it covers fleas well but Bravecto is preferred when tick control is necessary as well. Nearly all products designed for tick control in dogs are highly toxic to cats so we must be careful with these sensitive creatures. For very young animals, especially kittens, flea control is best achieved by dunking the patient in a warm water bath while supporting the head for a prolonged period, at least five and preferably ten minutes. Bathing with Dawn dish detergent is helpful, as well as combing with a fine-toothed flea comb diligently and drowning the captured fleas in a dish of warm water can be very nontoxic and helpful approaches. We do carry VetriRepel, essential oil wipes to apply to the young or fragile patient to prevent fleas and ticks after a bath or before a walk in the woods or on a trail as well. Please let us guide you on the right products to use as there are just an amazing array of products available, and so many are ineffective or toxic. The best interest of your pet and your family are our primary concern.
Ticks Can Be Identified By Their 8 Legs and Slow Movement. If a Tick has bitten your animal it may swell up to about the size of a fingernail. These enlarged ticks will have a Grey or Brownish Tint to them and will look like a small stone. Fleas Are smaller than ticks and are most often identified by what they leave behind: pepper like droppings in the fur coat epically by the tail base or around the back of the neck area. Discuss with us your needs and we will customize a plan for you to be rid of the unwanted guests.