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Our 1985 Summit xray generator was replaced this month with a new, more powerful and safer generator to allow us to take excellent quality xrays of our patients. This upgrade helps us diagnose issues in the chest, abdomen, and of course any bony injury. It is paired with our digital developer so that we have these images in under 30 seconds, can adjust and take another if needed, and can send these images by email to any referral specialist or radiology consultant in the country. We are so pleased to offer this level of service for our patients.
Lower Feline Jaw Tooth Roots >
Did you know dog and cat teeth are a bit like icebergs? The roots of the molar and canine teeth extend way up into the gums even further than the part of the tooth you can see. Because dogs and cats require anesthesia for good dental care, we need to know at the time of the dental procedure if a particular tooth needs to be taken out to alleviate pain and irreversible infection. The only way to do this effectively to take an xray of the tooth root, and we can now do this at HomeCare with our digital dental xray installed in February as part of dental health month. We really do pay close attention to detail when taking care of dental issues for our patients, and this is a fundamental way to ensure long term health and comfort for our patients - a big part of our preventative health and wellness program here. These xrays were from our first patient to have dental xrays done at our clinic, Tommy the cat, who indeed had an abscessed canine tooth and is now feeling much better!