Past Cases of the Month
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Mackie Feline Nurtured DOB: 3/12/04 Orange Long Hair Mackie Is a 10 year old cat who's birthday is coming up in march. He came to us with complaints of trouble keeping food down and a tummy ache. after an examination by Dr. Patti Maslanka, An X-ray and an ultrasound were performed to see what might be ailing him. The results of these images is that there was something large in his stomach. Even with the best imaging equipment it is tough to figure out exactly what something is with an x-ray image. You can guess based on similar looking things that have been found on other patients however nothing could have prepared us for what we found in Mackie's stomach. A Hairball weighing almost 2 pounds of fur was removed from his stomach by Dr. Laura Collins on February 10th. The foreign body object took the surgical room by surprise and was a first of this size for the clinic. For the safety of your lunch we will not show the hairball here but you can imagine from his X-ray a large clump of his fabulous long orange hair. Mackie even has a pet of his own, a field mouse that he caught in his house last winter that has been kept for him as a pet ever since. His owner was able to get the mouse away from him just in time. And right before he was brought in for surgery, his owner found Mackie here having his "goodbye-for-now" moment with his little friend. We are happy that Mackie is feeling better and will make a full recovery from his furballectomy.
Lucky Canine Nurtured Shepard Cross DOB: 3/08/13 Meet Lucky, Adopted from a rescue organization about a year ago. He hurt one knee then unluckily the other knee one week later. Lucky came in to see us for lameness in one hind leg. with x rays and manipulation of his knee it was determined he would need surgery to repair his cruciate ligament in order to work normally again. While preparations for the surgery, Lucky rested at home. He really wanted to rest on his owners bed but missed when he tried to make the leap. Unfortunately he had just injured the other knee in the exact same way, and was not unable to get up and walk. Dr. Patti and Jessica arrived at Lucky's home a few hours later and brought him back to the clinic. There he has more X-rays to confirm the second injury, and a special made sling to Dr. Cooley, our special mobile surgeon, rearranged her schedule and arrived within 48 hours for a repair of the original knee injury. with medications and rest lucky is now able to hobble along and is on the road to recovery. A second surgery is scheduled for next month and the long term prognosis is indeed lucky.
When Crayon's Family was transfered to south Africa in July they had to leave him behind because the importation requirements are so extreme for a dog to enter into this country. first of course, the rabies vaccination and heart worm Preventative. Next came blood tests for leishmaniasis, Babesia canis, and two African diseases run by only one laboratory in the United States who will test for these diseases. and all of this had to take place in the 10 days before his departure! so when one of the tests came back borderline positive all of the blood tests had to be re-run to be sure. Next up was a certificate of crayon's health that had to be sighed by the DA Veterinarian in Allentown, NJ all carefully timed with his flight. A big Kudos for Dr. Laura Collin's and Jessica Beltran for their tireless efforts researching all the necessary details to make sure that crayon got back to his family's new home in South Africa safely.
Isabella somehow broke the bone attaching her femoral head to the shaft of her femur. In order to fix the break the Doctors at Homecare Veterinary clinic needed to perform surgery. A little known medical fact about dogs is that when this ball head breaks dogs actually do best if the ball is simply removed! Dr. Phillip Zeitzman, a board certified orthopedist, traveled to the clinic to perform this special procedure and now Isabelle is pain free as her body forms a soft femoral head from scar tissue. Within a few short weeks she will be walking completely normally.
Oscar had been unable to move his bowels for how long? No one really knew. But those huge rectangles are very hard poop stuck within him. Dr. Collins placed a very thin soft tube through his nose and into his stomach, and we administered fluid to soften the stool over several days - slowly slowly it broke up and gradually he was able to function again. His liver had been damaged from the lack of nutrition, so he then required another larger feeding tube and many feedings daily of pureed food through this tube. His skin would rip apart in places simply because there was not enough connective tissue to hold it together. Then he would need the rips sutured up, and Dr. Collins found a onesie that Oscar could wear to protect the sutured sites. His care was so involved that she took him home with her to be sure he got the nutrition he so badly needed to get him well again. Slowly he healed and eventually began to eat on his own and no longer require the tube. He is now thriving really and solely because Dr. Collins and the staff here at HomeCare refused to give up on him and looked to novel approaches in care to solve his many complications. It is so gratifying to see him well!
For reasons unknown Simba loves munching on his harness - swallowing chunks of it for the third time last month. Simba's owner explained that he had not thrown it up this time and she was concerned. We gave Simba medication in his conjunctiva (tissue around the eye) that made him vomit and on cue up came chunks of harness, but he wasn't quite done. In another 5 minutes up came a big rock with a clunk. Simba is feeling much better now!
 Enlargement of the spleen is not a common finding in cats, but when we do see it the most common cause is a malignant tumor called a mast cell tumor. The good news about mast cell tumors is that removing the spleen is usually curative. Upon our recommendation the owner scheduled a splenectomy. Dr. Collins performed the surgery 3 days after the initial examination, and Midday recovered well. A biopsy of the spleen did reveal a mast cell tumor, as was suspected. Since surgery Midday has put on weight and become much more active. Looking back, the owner realized he had become more withdrawn and less playful prior to the surgery. Luckily, the tumor was caught early and we expect Midday to live a happy and healthy normal lifespan.
Meet Whisper! Whisper because she was so quiet - hiding there under the car. Our client could not just scare her off or drive over her because she was indeed very thin and ill with obvious trouble breathing. She gently reached under her car and enticed this kitty into a carrier and brought her to us. Dr. C gave supportive care of fluids and antibiotics, and then thought to run a fecal sample when the opportunity arose. We discovered Whisper had huge numbers of lungworms, which live within the lung tissue and were causing most of her respiratory difficulty. We began a worming regimen in addition to the supportive fluids and antibiotics and the rest is history. This lovely friendly feline has put on four pounds and breathes normally now, simply thriving. With the addition of some soil to her litter box she learned to use it without difficulty. She is indeed a gift that could have been so easily chased off or overlooked. Thank you for bringing her to us and sharing her with us!
We are thrilled to see Eva placed with a new and loving owner! She came to our clinic with a right foreleg so injured that she could not use it at all, and besides this a dislocated left hip. We accepted her into our clinic to live and heal; after removing the forelimb that she could never use again she became hopeful and much more comfortable. After two weeks of rest she was ready to see if she could use her dislocated hip and shortly taught herself how to walk, run, and jump with a new hip formed of scar tissue (cats are amazing healers). Within a month of her arrival she was scampering about with no disability whatsoever and she became so much friendlier in an environment of love and encouragement. Congratulations to Eva and her new owner!