Services Offered
Office Visits
Our clinic appointments are spaced at 30 minute intervals to give adequate time for history taking, a good physical, diagnostics if needed, developing a treatment plan, and assembling necessary medications. We keep a separate cat room infused with Feliway calming pheromone. Information discussed at the appointment is generally sent home in a folder for safekeeping
Home Visits / In Home Care
Home Visits are available for clients unable to travel to our office and for pets that are better treated in their familiar home environment. We service Rocky Hill, Princeton, Plainsboro, West Windsor, Hightstown, Lawrenceville and Hillsboro. There is a modest travel fee is added to the invoice that is otherwise the same as in clinic. Wellness visits, vaccinations, blood testing, and end of life care can be handled this way.
Vaccinations and Preventive Care
We take a minimalist approach to vaccinations and weigh the value of each vaccination and booster for each patient before administration. In general we will perform the basic puppy or kitten seres out to 16-18 weeks then boost in 2 years, then every three years thereafter. We generally do not vaccinate past the age of 12. We are cognizant of the dangers of over vaccination and seldom give more than one systemic vaccination at a time. Rabies vaccinations are carefully selected for their purity and longevity. They are given at the end of the puppy or kitten series, again in one year, then every three thereafter. We do advise their use in indoor only cats in the event of an unexpected escape or bite wound. Kennel cough vaccinations for boarding are available for dogs. This is best given as an intra-oral vaccine to give optimal protection where this disease strikes. It is also available as an injectable. It must be boosted every 6 to 12 months for optimal effectiveness We also offer Lyme vaccinations. However, preference is given to effective tick control. Some high risk dogs can benefit from the vaccine and in this case it is also offered on a rotating schedule along with the other vaccines. Preventive care against heartworm, flea, and tick is customized to the needs of your particular pet during the wellness exam.
General Surgery


We are pleased to offer excellent basic surgical care including spay, neuter, lump excision and biopsy, and cystotomy. This care includes state of the art anesthetics, surgical monitoring (ECG, blood pressure, and oxygen level), fluid support, and attention to detail such as patient padding and warming. Pain management is customized to each procedure. Our primary surgeon, Dr. Laura Collins, is well versed in all these areas.
Select Advanced Surgeries
 Dr. Anjali Coolley is invited in to handle our more complex surgeries, such as cranial cruciate repair and surgery involving the ear canal. She brings the ability to handle these more involved surgeries in the more familiar and comfortable surroundings of our clinic.
Dental Cleaning and Polishing
 We have a state of the art InnovaDent dental cart with full capabilities for thorough cleaning, polishing, and extraction of any abscessed or painful teeth. Dr. Laura Collins has had additional training in these areas and provides extremely competent care. Surgical closure of extraction sites and excellent pain management are routine. We schedule a two week follow up appointment with a technician to develop a home dental plan - whether than be chews, a water additive, or home brushing, customized to the patient's needs.
Digital X-Rays
 We have available a brand new device from RevoSquared digital radiography, which gives us beautiful radiography of any part of the body within seconds. We can adjust the exposure and magnify the image to achieve incredible detail. These X-rays can be digitally transmitted to any referral facility as needed.
Blood Work
We are pleased to offer in house Vet Screen and Complete Blood Count technology. This means that with a very small volume of blood we can have accurate evaluations of kidney, liver, and thyroid function as well as white and red blood cell counts within 15 minutes. We can then make prompt treatment decisions rather than waiting 24 to 48 hours for an outside lab service. The small volume of blood required is better for very small or very ill patients and more practical for samples drawn at home.
Dr. JoAnna Frank of VetSounds comes to our clinic as needed to perform thorough ultrasounds of the chest and abdomen. She is a board certified internist as well, and gives us great diagnostic ability within our own clinic. She is able to perform ultrasound guided aspirates and biopsies as well as the state if the art scanning ability.
Wellness Checks
We do sincerely encourage each pet to be seen on an annual basis for a wellness check. If the pet is geriatric (over 12 years) we encourage these checks every 6 months. Surprising issues can be uncovered in these visits such as weight changes or dental issues. Diet is discussed as well as as preventives for flea and tick control if indicated. Most importantly the pet becomes familiar with our staff and facility in a friendly, stress free way, and we are able to better track their health over time.
Behavior Counseling
 Please come in to discuss any behavior issues with your pet that are of concern. Perhaps there is a medical basis that can be unearthed to explain the behavior. Perhaps with insight into how a dog or cat thinks and processes information we can adjust their environment to improve the situation. Occasionally anti-anxiety medications or diets can be prescribed to improve the quality of life for the pet and help solve behavior issues that are causing stress.
Nutritional Advice
Nutrition is reviewed at nearly every visit because it has such a huge impact on the health of our pets. Because most of them tend to eat nearly the same diet on a daily basis minor adjustments can really change the outcome of a health problem or be a factor in maintaining good health. When necessary, we offer a variety of prescription diets. Certain prescription diets can be key factors in resolving urinary or intestinal problems in particular. If the pet requires a home made diet we can provide recipes and supplements to ensure the diet is balanced and beneficial for their needs.
Micro Chipping
Microchipping is provided through DataMarz. These chips are not difficult to insert and generally this can be done during an office visit. They are acceptable for international travel. Best of all, DataMarz registration is included in the microchipping fee. Our staff takes care of the registration for you, and the registration is life-long. This means the registration is free of an annual fee which can derail the access to the information provided by the microchip.
Pain Management and Relief
For either the post surgical or dental patient, or for the chronic arthritic patient, there are a variety of pain medications now available. The focus is on customizing a plan for each patient that meets their needs and is adjusted as their needs change. For the chronic arthritic patient the foundation of relief is nutritional supplements and injectable joint fluid replacement therapy. When these are insufficient stronger nonsteroidal therapy is employed cautiously and conservatively to provide the most benefit with monitoring for side effects. Because animals hide their pain as a survival skill we are often suprised at how much benefit pain relief can bring for them.
Medical Needs Boarding
For pets that require more advanced care while you are traveling or away, we do offer medical needs boarding. Dogs that are diabetic, that would not do well in a kennel environment, or that require medical supervision can be cared for this way. Cats that are on multiple medications, are diabetic, or that require fluid therapy can be accommodated comfortably.
End of life care can be provided very humanely either at the clinic or in the familiar home environment. Sedatives are administered in a pain and stress free way so that the transition is very peaceful. This is a gift to our friends that would otherwise struggle or suffer. We partner with Hamilton Pet Meadow for respectful care after the transition. If euthanasia occurs at home we will transport the patient to Hamilton Pet Meadow for either simple or individual cremation.
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